OSIS Oil Spill Detection System

The OSIS oil spill detection system includes the OSIS SensorPack™ and OSIS Onsite Viewer™ a unique combination of radar, microwave sensor and tracking software providing “round the clock” oil spill detection. The OSIS Oil Spill Identification System™ enables an accurate and objective surveillance of oil spilled into the marine environment.

OSIS  addressing an oil industry in transition…

IkonPkt   From enforced compliance to economic incentives
IkonPkt  From oil spill cleanup to prevention
IkonPkt   From reporting to simultaneous monitoring
IkonPkt  From local to remote processes

...Analysts call the emerging environmental markets the most significant business opportunity of the next twenty years providing the opportunity for a few companies to define the business landscape for the next 50 years


The OSIS Oil Spill Detection System

OSIS Oil Spill Identification System Applications

OSIS_video___intro___logo_med_vand___100px_bred…See a video introduction to the OSIS technology

OSIS Oil Spill Detection System (YouTube)

OSIS Oil Spill Detection System (download)


OSIS Offshore Test SensorPack


…the OSIS SensorPack™ identifies, tracks and measures the area and thickness oil spills – here mounted on an offshore platform

Esvagt dumping oil


…the OSIS offshore testing series required assistance from many parties including Danish Supply Vessels for discharging the precise amounts of oil

 OSIS SensorPack on mast

…the OSIS combination of radar and microwave technology will make a tremendous difference to the world’s marine environment – here mounted for cleanup operations

OSIS Container Thumbnail


…OSIS technology can be installed and monitor oil spills anywhere in the world