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OSIS Oil Spill Identification System™

The OSIS Oil Spill Identification System™  starts with the core  OSIS SensorPack™ and OSIS Onsite Viewer™ package combined with commercial radar. The  OSIS Oil Spill Identification System is the most effective system for oil spill identification, tracking and quantification.

OSIS Products Competitive Advantage

Bullet PointBoosts clean-up vessels performance dramatically
       ♦   Measures oil spill area, thickness, and volume
         ♦    90 percent of oil slick volume is contained in 10 percent of the surface area

Bullet PointEnables remote, automatic surveillance
       ♦   Offshore structures, transport vessels  harbors, and inlets
         ♦    Adjustable sensitivity level minimizing amount of false alarms

Bullet PointEnables surveillance worldwide from a central location
       ♦   Using satellite communications and GIS technology

Bullet PointOSIS Integrated Components and OSIS Software

OSIS Oil Spill Identification System – Datasheets

The System Description describes the components in the OSIS Oil Spill Identification system:

OSIS System Overview


The System Design illustrates the OSIS Oil Spill Identification System:

OSIS Oil Spill Identification System Design


The OSIS SensorPack™ generates raw data for identification, tracking and quantification of oil spills within 2.5 nautical miles from the installation site. The OSIS SensorPack (when coupled with commercial X-band radar) contains a dual frequency microwave radiometer, providing data for precise surface area, thickness and volume estimates of an oil layer on the sea. The OSIS SensorPack is linked to the OSIS Onsite Viewer.

OSIS SensorPack Microwave unit


The OSIS Onsite Viewer™ analyzes and presents the data from OSIS SensorPack and provides users with a real-time oil spill information. The OSIS Onsite Viewer can be used as a local system or as a 24 hour automatic surveillance system set to trigger an alarm if oil is measured on the sea surface. The OSIS Onsite Viewer can provide advanced report and statistical functionality.

OSIS Onsite Viewer Display


The OSIS Onshore Viewer™ is a client based installation providing access to oil spill information from offshore OSIS SensorPacks. The OSIS Onshore Viewer is linked to the remote OSIS Onsite Viewers via the internet and users are automatically updated with sensor status for all sensors within designated geographic areas. The information can be displayed on a standard PC or a wall mounted monitor.

OSIS Onshore Viewer Crisis Center